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Reference Designer is glad to provide you free hardware and software tutorials.

We beleive that the best way to learn is experimenting. Numerous real life examples have been provided in all the tutorials. You MUST experiment with these examples. Keep trying something new. Experiment and see what breaks the things. Experiment and see what works. Go to extremes and see how paradoxes makes your understanding better.

If something is difficult to understand, take it as a gift, for, through the difficulties you will be remembering the thing. Nothing comes without hard work. There are no short cuts.

There are assignments and quizzes at the end to chapters and tutorials to engage you and butress your understanding. Feel free to consult the study material when taking assignments.

Software Tutorials

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AJAX tutorial
jQuery AJAX tutorial
ExtJS tutorial
Java tutorial

Hardware Tutorials

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OrCAD pspice tutorial
Allegro Signal Explorer

Educational Tutorials

MCAS MATH Grade 10