HTML TUTORIAL for Beginners

This tutorial is intended for beginners who want to learn web page design using HTML ( stands for Hypertext Markup Language). Throughout the tutorial we will bring very simple example that you can practise online.

If you want a jump start and want to start making your first html page, skip this introduction and go directly to next page. Otherwise go ahead and read on.


A webpage is "designed" using HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.


* An HTML file has an extension of htm or html ( the file is named like mypage.html or mypage.htm)

* When you go to a website and if that website fethes a page with html or htm extension, then it is getting an html file from server and displaying it in a browser.

* The html file is a simple text file.

* You can create the html files at your own computer using simple text editor and view it.

* You will think that you need a server where you need to upload a html file and then you can view it at the browser. No this is not the case. You create edit and view the html file locally. Though eventually your intention is to upload it to server

* An html file contains markup. A markup tag is a start and and end indicator, that tells how to format the text. FOr example a text between <b> and </b>will be in bold letters.

In the next page we will create our first html page.