This tutorial is intended for Signal Integrity engineers who wish to get an introductory tutorial on hspice. The tutorial should also help signal integrity engineers to get quick codes for copy paste and modify.


Hspice is an accurate and widely used simulator. It is worthwhile to take a look at some simple simulation using hspice. This tutorial will guide you through the windows version of the hspice. The linux version work on command line and should not me much different.

The input to hspice is a simple text file with .sp extention. This file contains a netlist of the circuit. Besides the netlist the same file has analysis options.

hspice comes for Windows as well as Linux. It graphical User Interface is not great, but this is not what hspice is made for. Its strength lies is its accuracy and the backend and not the front end. It is made for hardcode engineers.

In the next page we will write our first hspice code for a simple simulation.