This tutorial is intended for beginners who want to bring styling element in their web page using CSS.

If you want a jump start and want to start using CSS, skip this introduction and go directly to next page . Otherwise go ahead and read on a little bit of what is CSS.

Pre requisite

You should have a basic understanding of HTML. If not, you may like to take a quick HTML Tutorial.


As many of you already know, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Generally CSS is used to alter the look and formatting of an HTML page.

Cascading Style Sheet separates the content of the HTML from its presentation. You make a change in the CSS and you change the color and font of the presentation of the HTML document. The more improtant usage of the CSS is in the Layout of the webpage.

A webpage can be partitioned into multiple columns, or additional header and footer sections. Individual sections can have their own color, font or styling - again using CSS.

CSS provides a lot of flexibility to change the look and feel of a web page on the go. At the development stage you can experiment with a lot of change in the CSS and check which one best suites your need. You can have a single CSS file to control multiple webpages. A change in the CSS style can, then affect all the webpages.

Recent usage of the mobile devices, has increased the importance of CSS. You can render the webpage depending upon the size of the screen on which the webpage is delivered.

In the next page we will create our first CSS usage and see the separation of the Styling and html content.