MSP430 Launchpad TUTORIAL


This MSP430 tutorial is intended for novices and beginners in embedded programming design who want to learn embedded programming using Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430 microcontroller.


We had earlier written a tutorial for the MSP430 embedded processor based upon the FET debugger and was very popular. The FET debugger needed a $99 or something too and then a embedded board to start learning. In the meantime Texas Instruments came out an ultra low cost ( yes less than $10) baord , called launchpad, that includes debugger as well as the board itself. For this reason we came up with tutorial specifically for the launchpad.

If you have not purchased the launchpad yet, you may like to buy it now at TI website .

If you are curious, here is the MSP430 launchpad unpacking tutorial.

In the next chapter we will discuss a little bit about the hardware. And then we will show how to install your software to start debugging. We will use the free IAR Embedded system kickstart tool for debugging.