Javascript Array Tutorial - Adding more items

Array can grow dynamically. Let us say you have delared an array as
var x = ['toyota','honda','Audi'];

Now you wish to add more elements to this array.

You can add the next element using a simple statement like

x[3] = 'Ford';

Notice that the array indexing starts from 0. So we have
x[0] = 'toyota';
x[1] = 'honda';
x[2] = 'Audi';

Basically the last element if the array has an index one less than its length. We can use the array length to add a new element at the end of the array. So the statement

x[3] = 'Ford';

could be better written as

x[x.length] = 'Ford'; 

Here is the complete example


<script type="text/javascript">

var x = ['toyota','honda','Audi'];

x[x.length] = 'Ford';

for (i=0; i<=3; i++)
document.writeln('x['+i+'] = '+ x[i]+ '<br />');



You may like to try this example online here .

It gives the following output

x[0] = toyota
x[1] = honda
x[2] = Audi
x[3] = Ford

There is special function for adding an element in the array in the end - the push method. We will study it in the next post.