Allegro Signal Integrity Tutorial

The tutorial is intended for the beginners in Signal Integrity, who wish to learn how Cadence's Allegro SigXplorer could be used to run some simple simulation. If you already know know to create a new simulation and run it, this tutorial is not for you ( you are over qualified). If you have theoretical background of electromagnetics and Signal Integrity, you can use the material presented to quickly get started on how to run simulation in Allegro's SigXplorer.

Pre Requisite

We require that you have some basic understanding of the OrCAD and Allegro tools. You can take the Orcad capture tutorial here and the Allegro PCB Design tool here . We also recomment that you have some understanding of the basic principles of Signal Integrity. You may like to take a look at the online book - Signal Integrity for PCB Designers

It may look overwhelming for the beginners to just start using the Signal Integrity tools when so much is required. But the rewards are worth it. Allegro's tools is a great masterpeice and while the learning curve is long and arduos, it delivers the result in the end.

We are coming up with more material. In the mean time please check the following videos