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Vpeak to peak to Vrms conversion

Vpeak to peak is defined as the voltage measured between the maximum Positive and Negative Amplitudes on the sine wave.

The Vrms is defined as square root of the mean of the squares of the values for the one time period of the sine wave.

Following is the formula for Vpp to Vrms conversion.

Vrms = 0.3535 * Vpp

Where Vpp is the peak to peak volatge and Vrms is the root mean square voltage. To Calculate Vrms from Vpp enter the value in Vpp and hit Vrms button.

To Calculate Vpp from Vrms enter the value in Vrms and hit Vpp button.

This youtube explains the formula, derivation and concept of RMS voltage and its relation with Peak to Peak Voltage

We have a blog post that talks about the philosphy behind the existence of the Vrms - check it out here.

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